Friday, March 22, 2013

Certain Piece Dyed Three-Thread Fleece Added to DR-CAFTA Short Supply List

The Committee for the Implementation of Textile Agreements ("CITA") has determined that certain piece dyed three-thread fleece fabric, as specified below, is not available in commercial quantities in a timely manner in the CAFTA-DR countries. The product will be added to the list in Annex 3.25 ("Short Supply List") of the CAFTA-DR Agreement in unrestricted quantities.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Maria Dybczak, Office of Textiles and Apparel, U.S. Department of Commerce, (202) 482-3651.

Reference number: 178.2013.02.21.Fabric.SoriniSametforGaranMfg.

SPECIFICATIONS: Certain Piece Dyed Three-thread Fleece Fabric

HTS: 6001.21

Overall fiber content: Cotton--57 to 63%; Polyester--37 to 43%.

Gauge: 21

Face Yarn:
Fiber content: 57-63% combed cotton; 37-43% polyester ring spun
Yarn size: 47.4/1-57.6/1 (metric); 28/1-34/1 (English)

Tie Yarn:
Fiber content: 100% polyester
Yarn size: 157.9-191.5/48 filament (metric); 47-57 denier 48 filament (English)

Fleece Yarn:
Fiber content: 72-78% carded cotton, 22-28% polyester
Yarn Size: 18.6/1-28.8/1(metric); 11/1-17/1 (English)

Weight: 233.9-267.8 g/square meter (6.9-7.8 oz./square yard)

Width: 152.4 cm cuttable or greater, open width (60'' cuttable or greater, open width)

Finish: Single fiber piece dyed with reactive dyestuff for cotton or disperse dye stuff for polyester.

Performance Criteria:
1. Torque must not exceed 4% (must meet AATCC 179)
2. Vertical and horizontal shrinkage must be under 5%
3. Must meet a class-1 flammability rating.

NOTE: The attributes listed for yarn size relate to the size of the yarn prior to knitting. The measurements for fabric construction and weight relate to the fabric prior to garment production. Some variations may occur in these measurements as a result of the manufacturing processes.

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