Friday, January 13, 2017

Notice of Publication of Petitions for Duty Suspensions and Reductions and Opportunity to Comment on Petitions

On January 11, 2017, as required by the American Manufacturing Competitiveness Act of 2016, the U.S. International Trade Commission published on its website the petitions for duty suspensions and reductions that were timely filed and contain the required information, and the Commission is requesting members of the public to submit comments to the Commission on the petitions published no later than the close of business February 24, 2017. Agathon Associates can assist you in filing objections to petitions.

Agathon Associates has identified over 400 individual request that may be of interest to the fiber, yarn, fabric, apparel, and footwear industries and have entered them into a database in order to match up petitions with my clients’ interests. If you are as overwhelmed as I by the number, complexity, and over-lapping nature of the petitions you may find value in the database I created, and which I offer to my industry colleagues free. If you pass it along to others I’d appreciate it if you mention that it was my work.

Usual disclaimers: This is my own unofficial personal work. I have tried to transfer everything from the ITC MTB portal accurately, but I may have slipped up here or there. The ITC MTB Portal must be consulted in conjunction with my database, which is meant as merely a tool to assist you in using the official ITC MTB Portal.

The database is in Microsoft Access, so you will need that program to open it. It is shared on Dropbox CLICK HERE and download MTB-2016-selected.mdb. Your anti-virus program may give you a warning when you attempt to download the database, that is routine with Access databases. This file will not harm your computer.

If you don't have Microsoft Access, you can also get the information as an Excel spreadsheet, also shared on Dropbox at CLICK HERE. NOTE, due to limitations of Excel, some long product descriptions are truncated.

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