Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Morocco Knit Fabric Short Supply Request List

On Monday we REPORTED on a request from the Government of Morocco to have several knit fabrics added to the short supply list. The list includes a wide range of circular knits, warp knits, stretch knits, and fleece.

Note, that although the request from the Government of Morocco relates the fabrics on the list to specific end-use apparel articles, it is likely that were a fabric approved from a particular end use, that future requests may be made for the same fabric for other end uses, and approval in this case would be cited as the basis for the later request.

Note, that the classifications given for the fabrics are at the 6-digit subheading level, which is much broader than the U.S. 10-digit statistical breakout that many U.S. companies are accustomed to working with, with the result that each of the 19 "fabrics" is actually a itself of group of fabrics.

Agathon Associates has prepared a SPREADSHEET to assist clients in evaluating this long list of requested fabrics. To access the file you will need your username and password. If you do not know your username and password email David Trumbull at

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