Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Petition to Mandate a Uniform Labeling Method for Traction of Floor Coverings, Floor Coverings with Coatings, and Treated Floor Coverings

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission ("CPSC") has received a resubmitted petition from the National Floor Safety Institute (petitioner or "NFSI"), requesting that the agency require manufacturers of floor coverings and coatings to label their products and provide point of purchase information regarding slip-resistance, using the American National Standards Institute ("ANSI") B101.5-2014 Standard Guide for Uniform Labeling Method for Identifying the Dynamic Coefficient of Friction (Traction) of Floor Coverings, Floor Coverings with Coatings, and Treated Floor Coverings (ANSI B101.5). The Commission invites written comments concerning this petition.

As with the previous petition, NFSI states that it seeks to reduce injuries and fatalities related to consumer slips and falls, particularly involving the elderly, by requesting CPSC to mandate that floor coverings for sale to consumers be labeled to provide information about the traction of each product. NFSI states that different types of floor coverings have wide ranging differences in slip-resistance, which can make certain types of flooring inappropropriate for a specific use. NFSI contends that currently, consumers have no uniform information to compare differences in traction with various floor covering options. NFSI states that the labeling it urges is easy to understand and will benefit consumers, particularly the elderly, by informing consumers of the traction or safety of the products at the point of sale.

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