Wednesday, May 6, 2020

More Textile Articles Excluded from China 301 Tariffs

USTR has announced 146 additional articles excluded from List 3 China 301 tariffs. Among them --

15) Disposable cloths of nonwoven textile materials impregnated, coated or covered with organic surface-active preparations for washing the skin, put up for retail sale (described in statistical reporting number 3401.30.5000)

27) Backpacks with outer surface of textile materials of man-made fibers, each with padded and insulated zippered compartments measuring not more than 27 cm by 19 cm by 21.5 cm (described in statistical reporting number 4202.92.3120)

28) Cases of textile materials of man-made fibers, each measuring not more than 57 cm by 47 cm by 34 cm, specially fitted to contain a sewing machine, each with outer pockets, side handles and 4 wheels (described in statistical reporting number 4202.92.3131)

29) Cases of man-made fiber, each measuring not more than 40 cm by 27 cm by 9 cm, with clear zippered pockets, mesh pockets and a carrying handle (described in statistical reporting number 4202.92.9100)

36) Dyed sateen fabric containing at least 85 percent by weight of cotton, measuring at least 292 cm but not more than 293 cm in width, weighing not more than 210 g/m² (described in statistical reporting number 5208.39.2020)

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