Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Polypropylene Fiber FTZ Sought by Georgia Geotextile Producer

Georgia Foreign-Trade Zone, Inc. has submitted a notification of proposed production activity to the FTZ Board on behalf of PBR, Inc. d/b/a SKAPS Industries (SKAPS), located in Athens, Georgia.

The SKAP facilities are located at 325, 330, and 335 Athena Drive in Athens (Clarke County), Georgia. The facilities are used for the production of non-woven geotextile fabric using polypropylene fiber. FTZ activity would be limited to the specific foreign-status materials and components and specific finished products described in the submitted notification (as described below) and subsequently authorized by the FTZ Board.

Production under FTZ procedures could exempt SKAPS from customs duty payments on the foreign status polypropylene fiber used in export production. On its domestic sales, SKAPS would be able to choose the duty rate during customs entry procedures that applies to geotextile fabric (free) for the foreign status polypropylene fiber (4.3%). Customs duties also could possibly be deferred or reduced on foreign status production equipment.

Public comment is invited from interested parties. The closing period for their receipt is June 10, 2013.

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