Friday, April 5, 2013

U.S. Department of Commerce Launches Made in U.S.A. Sourcing Database for Textiles, Apparel, and Footwear.

The U.S. Department of Commerce Office of Textiles and Apparel ("OTEXA") has launched a Made in the U.S.A. Sourcing Database! The purpose of this database is to list U.S.A manufacturers, suppliers, and contractors. This self-registered and searchable database is available to the public through OTEXA’s website at and can be a useful tool for those seeking to locate/source Made-in-U.S.A. textiles, apparel and footwear products.

A quick look at the online database of U.S. manufacturers reveals that many U.S. companies have not yet taken advantage of this free listing service through the U.S. government.

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