Thursday, December 19, 2013

Court Rules Military Supplier Did Not Infringe on Patents.

Brookwood Companies, Inc., a leading integrated textile company, announced, earlier this month, that the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit summarily affirmed the Southern District of New York's ruling that Brookwood did not infringe certain patents belonging to Nextec Applications, Inc.

At issue were two Nextec patents, 5,954,902 and 6,289,841, that Brookwood argues are invalid for a number of reasons, including the existence of a number of prior art references that Brookwood believes disclose and render obvious the "encapsulation" technology allegedly covered by the two Nextec patents. Since these prior art references were in existence prior to the filing date of the Nextec patents (some dating as far back as 1938), Brookwood believes that Nextec is not entitled to the two patents at issue.

More information is available on Brookwood's website

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