Thursday, December 12, 2013

Sterlingwear of Boston and L.L.Bean Collaboration

Sterlingwear of Boston, the official and sole manufacturer of the U.S. Navy Peacoat and other fashion outerwear for the commercial marketplace, announces a collaborative effort with L.L.Bean of Freeport, Maine. Sterlingwear of Boston will be providing three men’s styles of outerwear for the fall/winter 2013-2014 seasons. Frank Fredella, President / CEO of Sterlingwear of Boston, stated “this collaboration is representative of two iconic brands working together to offer customers some of the finest outerwear available anywhere. We are pleased to partner with L.L.Bean and to share what we have been producing in our East Boston manufacturing plant for over 45 years.” Discussions began in early 2013 and quickly developed as both companies realized that it was a perfect fit. “This is a culmination of the research and interest that L.L.Bean had in identifying companies that offer superior products for their customers,” said Jack Foster, Director of Sales and Marketing for Sterlingwear of Boston. “It is a wonderful marriage of two heritage brands that represent classic American styles and quality craftsmanship.”

Sterlingwear of Boston is in its third generation of leadership and is truly an All-American story of success. The company started as Viking Clothing in 1965 by Lorenzo Fredella and his two sons, Frank and Anthony. At that time, the primary work consisted of cut and sew operations for other clothing manufacturers and retailers. In 1968 Sterlingwear was contacted by the U.S. Government to produce peacoats for the U.S. Navy. The award of that contract propelled the company into a new and very successful direction. For over 45 years, Sterlingwear of Boston has produced the peacoat for the U.S. Navy and other outerwear and dress uniforms for all branches of the armed forces, as well as, offering a commercial line of outerwear for e-commerce, wholesale, and retail store outlets.

Sterlingwear of Boston continues to offer new, long wearing, quality-crafted and fashionable outerwear for the entire family, as well as, private label, cut and sew operations.

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