Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Still Catching Up

Since I am still behind on publishing the patent summaries, I will again simply focus on the issued patents.  Below is a summary of selected patents that have been recently issued in textile related classification codes:

Portable Personally Attachable Systems for Delivering Conditioned Air to Personal Breathing Zones and Other Body Areas:  An apparatus for use in creating a zone of filtered (conditioned) air on or near a person's body comprising: a blower unit configured to produce a flow of conditioned air; an air delivery system that is detachably connected to and is in flow communication with the blower unit, the said air delivery system having at least one outlet for discharging air.  Patent #:  8590062.  Inventor:  Gupta.  Assignee: Gupta

Athletic Wear with Replaceable Inserts:  An energy absorbing pad having a pouch that contains tubes that may be filled with flexible materials. The energy absorbing pad is worn as a part of an athletic wear garment so that it protects the wearer from injury due to impacts in contact sports.  Patent #:  8590063.  Inventor:  Aulenbach.  Assignee:  Aulenbach.

Saw-Tooth Clothing for a Textile Machine:  A saw-tooth clothing construction for fabric/fiber transport with a multiple teeth arrangement that more securely grips the fabric but releases more easily on transfer.  Patent #:  8590110.  Inventor:  Iten,  Assignee:  Graf + Cie AG.

Non-Woven Laying Machine and a Method for Laying a Non-Woven Fabric:  Machine and method to produce air-laid non-woven fabrics with an adjustable strength ratio in the production direction and 90° to the production direction.  Patent #:  8590111.  Inventor:  Hergeth.  Assignee:  Hergeth.

Method and Apparatus for Compacting Tubular Fabrics:  Equipment for compacting circular knitted tubular fabric comprising cooperating feeding and retarding rollers spaced apart a distance greater than the thickness of the fabric.  The result is a reduced differential in the amount of compaction on each side of the tube.  Patent #:  8590122.  Inventor:  West, et. al.  Assignee:  Tubular Textile Machinery, Inc.

Footwear Products, Methods for Making Footwear Products, and Structures Used in Making Footwear Products:  Method for making footwear comprising: applying cement to a surface of an upper and/or midsole; cooling the upper and/or midsole; and, placing the midsole in the upper.  When sufficiently cooled, the cement will not immediately bind the parts contacting it, but it will allow relative movement of these parts. After the midsole is positioned in the upper, the assembly may be heated to activate the cement and fix the parts together.  Patent #:  8590175.  Inventor:  Stockbridge, et. al.  Assignee:  Nike, Inc.

Shoe with Protrusions and Securing Portions:  An athletic shoe outsole with protrusions that improve lateral stability.  This allows increased increased cushioning in the midsole.  Patent #:  8590179.  Inventor:  Sink.  Assignee:  K-Swiss, Inc.
Footwear Structure with Textile Upper Member:  A shoe upper design comprising stability ribs and a textile covering.  The textile covering is smooth, breathable, and less bulky.  Patent #:  8590345.  Inventors:  Sokolowski and Wolf-Hochdoerffer.  Assignee:  Nike, Inc.

Construction of Vertical Full Rotary Hook for Sewing Machine:  Rotary hook for a sewing machine constructed so that threads cannot loop behind the needle or stray laterally.  Patent #:  8590467.  Inventor:  Tajima, et. al.  Assignee:  Tokai Kogyo Mishin Kabushiki Kaisha

Presser Device for Use with Sewing Machine and Sewing Machine:  Sewing machine with a presser device that has a speed restraining element that prevents sudden movement by the presser foot.  Patent #:  8590468.  Inventor:  Fujihara.  Assignee:  Brother Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha.

Method for Panel Positioning:  A completely computerized method for clothing design including measurement and a 3-d simulation of the construction incorporating panel designs and seams, fabric structures including physical parameters, and draping.  The system renders the final result.  Patent #:  8590469.  Inventor:  Ko.  Assignee:  Ko.

Device to Form a Leno Selvedge:  A frame for installation on the heddle shafts of a loom. The frame has at least one needle pair for two leno threads. The needle pair is mounted in the frame so that it can pivot around the longitudinal axis of the frame, and the device includes a pivot drive for pivoting the needle pair.  Patent #:  8590578.  Inventors:  Schwemmlein and Hockemeyer.  Assignee:  Gebruder Klocker Gmbh.

Releasable vest:  A releasable vest having a front panel, back panel, shoulder strap attachment, 2 waist belts and a release lanyard.  The release lanyard secures one of the waist belts and the shoulder strap attachment that allows release of the vest.  Patent #:  8595862.  Inventor:  Storms, et. al.  Assignee:  Alliant Techsystems, Inc. 

Protective covering for construction stilts:  A protective covering for construction stilt that prevents plaster and plaster dust which can cause deterioration and failure.  Patent #:  8595863.  Inventor:  Lamprey.  Assignee:  J.L. Plastering, LLC.

Air bag jacket:  A shock absorbing airbag incorporated into a jacket intended to be worn by a motorcycle rider.  Patent #:  8595864.  Inventor:  Orita,  Assignee:  Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

Hand-wearing assembly:  A wrist band arrangement with a mounted side view mirror.  Intended to provide a rear view for bicyclists and motorcyclists.  d has a connecting top. Patent #:  8595865.  Inventor:  Chen.  Assignee:  Chen.

Fishing finger protection apparatus:  Finger protection apparatus is disclosed that provides protection for an index finger of an angler during casting with a spin reel fishing rod. Patent #:  8595866.  Inventor:  Pelinsky.  Assignee:  Pelinsky.

Method of custom fitting an article of footwear and apparatus including a container:  A steaming assembly that allows a customer to subject the article of footwear to steam. The method can include cooling the article of footwear on the customer's foot to custom fit the article of footwear.  Patent #:  8595877.  Inventor:  Baker,  Assignee:  Nike, Inc.

Footwear with elastic footbed cover and soft foam footbed:  Shoe with molded outsole which contains a resilient midsole located in the cavity of the outsole and a footbed cover which has a stretch material layer affixed to the outsole and provides a stretch zone. The stretch zone allows the footbed cover to work in conjunction with the resilient midsole to absorb shock.  This arrangement improves comfort and durability.  Patent #:  8595956.  Inventor:  Byrne.  Assignee:  C. & J. Clark International Limited.

Unitary upper and midsole:  Manufacturing method that combines the upper and midsole of a shoe into a single unit while continuing to allow the traditional criss-cross lacing pattern.  Patent #:  8595957.  Inventor:   McDowell and Edington.  Assignee:  Converse Inc.

Core-sheath type conjugated yarn, knitted fabric, clothing product, and method of producing core-sheath type conjugated yarn:  A core-sheath man-made with fineness in the range of 18 to 110 dtex.  Its purpose is for use in stockings where it provides better stretch, strength, power and transparency than existing yarns.  Patent #:  8596032.  Inventors:  Seno and Kudo.  Assignee:  Nisshinbo Textile, Inc.

Multilayer metal fiber yarn:  A new metal fiber yarn and methods for manufacture. The metal fiber yarn comprises 9 bundles of continuous metal fibers. The bundles are arranged in 2 layers of continuous metal fiber bundles over a transverse cross section through the metal fiber yarn. This new metal fiber yarn has an increased flexlife and strength.  Patent #: 8596033.  Inventor:  Percq,  Assignee:  Nv Bekaert Sa.

Multi-needle sewing machine:  A multi-needle sewing machine with imaging mounted directly over the sewing needles.  This avoids the distortion inherent in sewing machines with other mounting arrangements.  Patent #:  8596209.  Inventors:  Fujihara and Tokura..Assignee:  Brother Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

Sewing machine and computer-readable medium storing control program executable on sewing machine:  A computerized sewing machine that is capable of storing and sewing an embroidery pattern.   Patent #:  8596210.  Inventor:  Tokura..Assignee:  Brother Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

Leno device with linkage mechanism and cover part:  A protective cover for a leno device.  Patent #:  8596304.  Inventor:  Gerth,  Assignee:  Groz-Beckert Kg

Method of weaving, processing and finishing a pile fabric:  A method of weaving, processing and finishing a pile fabric whose pile height is substantially increased.  The pile fabric is manufactured with multiple loop heights combining the original woven pile heights and/or different multiples of the original pile heights.  Patent #:  8596305.  Inventor:  Govindaswamy.  Assignee:  Govindaswamy.

Jim Carson is a principal of RB Consulting, Inc. and a registered patent agent.  He has over 30 years of experience across multiple industries including the biotechnology, textile, computer, telecommunications, and energy sectors.  RB Consulting, Inc. specializes in providing management, prototyping, and regulatory services to small and start-up businesses.  He can be reached via email at or by phone at (803) 792-2183.

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