Monday, March 17, 2014

Vision for a California Wool Mill

San Francisco area non-profit Fibershed has released its year-long California Wool Mill Feasibility Study, conducted to assess the production of cloth in a vertically integrated supply chain using 100% California grown wool fiber. The Study Team began with a supply analysis to assess the quality and quantity of California wool, and created an ideal technical road map for an ecologically sensitive closed-loop mill design utilizing renewable energy, full water recycling, and composting systems—the products from the Mill were analyzed and shown to have a high potential for net carbon benefit. The suggested model outlines the potential for a multi-stakeholder coop that would close the financial loop between profits and the producer community, furthering the positive economic impact for our ranching and farming communities.

David Trumbull, Principal, Agathon Associates, assisted with the study's survey of the domestic U.S. wool textile industry. The California Wool Mill Feasibility Study is available on CLICK HERE.

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