Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Catching Up

Since I am still behind on publishing the patent summaries, this week I will again focus on the issued patents.

Below is a summary of selected patents that have been recently issued in textile related classification codes:
Towel:   The towel wraps around the shoulders and upper part of the body and is secured to the user. The towel has pockets for placement of accessories, wristbands and a releasable neck strap for assisting in safely securing the towel to the user.  Patent #: 8640262.  Inventor:  Rossi.  Not Assigned.

Cap which utilizes an airfoil effect for inducing cooling:  A baseball cap with a second smaller bill under the main bill of a cap.  This creates a gap from the front to the back between the two bills, the two bills create a curved shape that acts like an airfoil and allows the free flow of air over a wearer's forehead, inducing a cooling effect. Patent #: 8640264.  Inventor:  Ramer.  Not Assigned.

Protective hood:  A protective hood with a modified gas exhaust system that inhibits ambient gas from entering through the exhaust system.  Patent #:  8640265.  Inventor:  Duncan.  Assignee:  Scott Technologies, Inc.

Disulfide or thiol polymeric hair dyes:  A dye structure consisting of a polymeric backbone, a chromophore, and least one sulfide covalently bound to the backbone.  containing compound. Very good dyeing results are obtained with disulfide moieties.  Dye formulations are included.  Effective as a wool dye.  Patent #:  8641783.  Inventor:  Marquais-Bienewald,  Assignee:  BASF, Se

Method and product for manufacturing vulcanized footwear or cupsole footwear:  A vulc style and cupsole style shoe that includes a midsole that is directly attached to the upper. In the method of manufacturing the footwear, polyurethane or other material for providing cushioning to the footwear is either injected between the upper and outsole or poured onto the outsole and the upper is traversed over the outsole so as to define the mold for defining the midsole. The polyurethane is directly attached to the upper and adhered to the outsole/cupsole.  Patent #:  8640291.  Inventor:  Fleming.  Assignee:  Pierre Andre Senizergues.

Device for attaching a flexible clothing in a textile machine:  A device that attaches a flexible fabric in the form of a strip to a card flat bar of a revolving card flat.  The device has press rams to assist in take up of the fabric. Patent #:   8640309.   Inventor:  Ott and Schatzmann.  Assignee:  Maschinenfabrik Rieter Ag

Sport footwear:  A shoe with a sole, a double-crossbow shaped elastic structure, and upper and lower walls.  The elastic structure is placed in the sole so as to elastically react under the weight of a foot. An element extends from one of the walls and is suitable for going into abutment against the opposite wall when the crossbow structure is not compressed.  Patent #:   8640361.  Inventor:  Testa,   Assignee:  Lotto Sport Italia S.P.A.

Article of footwear with embedded orthotic devices:  A shoe with an integrated orthotics system that provides support with progressive resistance in pronation and supenation motions of the foot during walking. Patent #:  8640363.  Inventor:  Hsu.  Not Assigned.

Knitwear with a perforated structure and method for producing said knitwear:  A method for producing knitwear formed at least partially as single jersey knitwear with a perforated structure with very fine knitting stitches and perforated structures with large holes meeting demands of sportswear and underwear. The knitwear is produced on a double jersey knitting machine with oppositely disposed needle carriers and a machine gauge of >24 needles/inch. The needle number/inch of the transfer needles is at most half that of the latch-type needles of the first needle carrier. The transfer needles form loop accumulations with at least one tuck loop per hole subsequently transferred with or without at least one knitting stitch from the transfer needles onto the latch-type needles.  Patent #: 8640503.  Inventor:  Kunde,  Assignee:  Terrot Gmbh

Airbag fabric and airbag:  An airbag module ensuring that when an airbag fabricated from fabric composed of a polyamide yarn excellent in heat resistance is deployed by an inflator gas, the deployment occurs without loss of the gas and an excessive amount of generated gas is not necessary, as a result, the inflator is reduced in weight, and the airbag module of the present invention comprises an airbag fabric composed of a polyamide yarn, wherein the air permeability of the fabric under a pressure of 200 kPa is from 10 to 200 cc/cm2/sec and in the thermal stress of the constituent yarn as measured under the conditions of an initial load of 0.02 cN/dtex, a yarn length of 25 cm and a temperature rise rate of 80° C./min, the summed thermal stress of the total of the warp yarn and the weft yarn at 230° C. is from 0.33 to 1.20 cN/dtex.  Patent #:  8642489.  Inventor:  Ise.  Assignee:  Asahi Kasei Fibers Corporation

Bra cup with an air bag:  A heat tolerant airbag for a bra cup that can be mounted in the cup before hot molding or embossing.   Patent #:  8641475.  Inventor:  Hung-Ming.  Not Assigned.

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