Wednesday, July 2, 2014

CPSC to Meet with National Resources Defense Council Regarding Furniture Flammability

On Tuesday, July 22nd, Robert Howell, Deputy Executive Director, Safety Operations, Consumer Product Safety Commission; George Borlase, Assistant Executive Director, Office of Hazard Identification and Reduction, CPSC; Andy Stadnik, Associate executive Director, Laboratory Sciences, CPSC; Rohit Khanna, Fire Prevention Engineer, CPSC; Hyun Kim, General Attorney, Office of the General Counsel, CPSC; and Patricia Pollitzer, Supervisory General Attorney, Office of the General Counsel, CPSC, will be meeting with representatives of the National Resources Defense Council (NRDC). Representing the NRDC are Veena Singla, Staff Scientist; Daniel Rosenberg, Senior Attorney; and Avinash Kar, Attorney. The NRDC representatives will share information about their work on furniture flammability standards in California and the coalition of public health, environmental, and firefighter groups engaged on the furniture flammability issue. They will also share information about health concerns associated with the use of flame retardant chemicals in furniture. To the extent possible, CPSC staff will discuss the agency’s ongoing work to develop furniture flammability performance standards. The meeting was requested by the NRDC.

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