Thursday, December 11, 2014

Catching Up

Selection device for the shed-forming device of a weaving machine:  A design for a new jacquard head with a lower latency time which allows for faster operation.  Patent:  8720492.  Inventor:  Vanderjeugt,  Assignee:  Michel Van De Wiele Nv

Garment with compartments:  A garment having compartments for holding objects. Some compartments are operable to permit waste to pass out of the compartments. Others are attached to the garment on the thigh or other location to permit access where a standard hip pocket would be blocked by a toolbelt. Others have apertures in addition to the normal hip pocket opening which may permit access to the pocket where the opening to the hip pocket would be blocked by a toolbelt. The garment may be used by a worker, such as a carpenter, with knee pads in compartments in a knee area of the garment, the compartments having apertures operable to permit sawdust and other waste to empty from the compartment. Additionally, a thigh pocket may have a cover preventing waste from entering the pocket, and can provide storage where a hip pocket would be blocked by a toolbelt or rendered inaccessible by kneeling. Patent:  8719966.  Inventor:  Grozdev.  Not assigned.

Anti-slip foot assembly:  An anti-slip foot assembly for a strut is disclosed. An embodiment of the anti-slip assembly includes a heel pad adapted to resist normal forces applied by the strut, a plurality of independently flexible toes adapted to resist the lateral forces that tend to cause slipping. A foot assembly with retractable cleat system is also disclosed.  Patent:  8720459.  Inventor:  Moulton.  Assignee:  RW Truland, I, LLC

Base fabric for air bag, method of producing the same and air bag:  A base fabric for an air bag is provided which is light-weight, flexible, superior in stowability, air shieldability, heat resistance and flame retardancy, further superior in the adhesion to resin with reduced stitch dislocation and fray. The air bag base fabric comprises a synthetic fiber fabric at least one surface of which is coated with resin. The resin is present also over at least 85% of the total area of an intertwined portion interface as a warp-weft crossing portion of the synthetic fiber fabric.  Patent:  8722550.  Inventor:  Yamada,  Assignee:  Seiren Co.  Ltd.

Protective garment with thermal liner having varying moisture attraction:  A protective garment including an outer shell, a thermal barrier having a thermal protection performance of at least about twenty, and a moisture barrier positioned between the outer shell and the thermal barrier. The thermal barrier includes an outer layer, an inner layer, and an intermediate layer positioned between the outer and inner layers. The outer layer is positioned adjacent to the moisture barrier, and moisture is more attracted to the intermediate layer than to the outer layer.  Patent:  8719969.  Inventor:  Curtis.  Assignee:  Lion Apparel, Inc.

Machine and method for the combined mechanical and heat treatment of fabrics, especially knitted fabrics:  A machine and a method for treating fabrics, comprise in combination a step of inducing substantially vertical vibrations in a quantity of fabric in the form of a substantially compact mass and a simultaneous step of drying the rest of the fabric in opened-out form.  The idea is that the vibrations relax the fabric as it dries.  Patent:  8720020.  Inventor:  Biancalani and Ravagli.  Assignee:  Biancalani, S.R.L.

Self-adjusting shapewear garment:  The present invention relates generally to a garment made from a stretchable fabric with a high yield strain and low hysteresis so that the garment is capable of stretching to comfortably fit and provide support for the unique shapes and curves of wearers within a single size group and across multiple size groups. More specifically, the claimed invention relates to shapewear. A shapewear garment constructed in accordance with the present invention could be made in a first standard size and comfortably flex and self-adjust to fit wearers across sizes extra-small (XS), small (S), and medium (M); and in a second standard size and comfortable flex and self-adjust to fit wearers across sizes large (L), extra-large (XL), and double extra-large (XXL); and the garment would retain its original dimensions when the force exerted on the garment by the wearer's body is removed.  Patent:  8721388.  Inventor:  Quaranta.  Assignee:  Maidenform

Apparel incorporating a protective element:  An article of apparel may include may include a garment portion and at least one protective element. The garment portion and the protective element have a configuration that forms a gap, separation, or pleat structure through, for example, folding or overlapping of a textile element of the garment portion. The gap, separation, or pleat structure may permit the protective element to move independent of other portions of the apparel, thereby enhancing a range of movement of the individual and the overall comfort of the apparel.  Patent:  8719965.  Inventor:  Turner and Grogro Assignee:  Nike, Inc.

Waterproof vapor-permeable shoe:  A waterproof vapor-permeable shoe, including an upper and a sole with a region which is diffusely perforated with through holes in the direction of a walking surface.  Patent:  8720083Inventor:  Moretti.  Assignee:  Geox S.P.A.

Flame retardant composition and textile material comprising the same:  A flame retardant composition comprises a phosphorous-containing polymer. The phosphorous-containing polymer can be produced by first reacting a phosphonium compound and a nitrogen-containing compound to produce a precondensate compound and then reacting the precondensate compound with a cross-linking composition. The resulting phosphorous-containing intermediate polymer can then be oxidized to convert at least a portion of the phosphorous atoms in the polymer to a pentavalent state. A textile material comprises a textile substrate and a phosphorous-containing polymer, such as that described above.  Patent:  8719962.  Inventor:  Mayernik,  Assignee:  Milliken & Company.

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