Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Patent Review

This week I will focus on issued patents.  Below is a summary of selected patents that have been recently issued in textile related classification codes:

Micro-optic security device:  A micro-optic security device that employs one or more planar arrangements of stitched icons and that projects at any given viewing angle one or more synthetically magnified images. The synthetically magnified image constitutes either a single or multipart images that optionally changes to a different images as the security device is tilted, or as the viewing angle changes.  Patent:  8739711.  Inventor:  Cote.  Assignee:  Crane Security Technology, Inc.

Method for operating a chain stitch sewing machine and chain stitch sewing machine:  A chain stitch sewing machine with a pair of sewing members comprising a needle which pierces a sewing material and a gripper below the sewing material rest which can be moved along a movement path, where an upper thread is guided with the needle through the sewing material resting on the sewing material rest, which is linked to a lower thread.  Patent:  8739714.  Inventor:  Klapp.  Assignee:  Nahmaschinenfabrik Emil Stutznacker Gmbh & Co. Kg

Dyeing agent and use for same:  A dyeing agent comprising a modified enzyme obtained by adding positive charge (through an amine) to an enzyme selected from the group consisting of an oxidase enzyme including:    EC, EC, EC, EC, EC, and EC Enzymes functions can be found here.  A process for dyeing using the dyeing agent is also provided.  Patent:  8740994.  Inventor:  Hirose and Sato.  Assignee:  Amano Enzyme Inc.

Optical brighteners and compositions comprising the same:  Compounds which are suitable for use as optical brighteners. In particular, the invention provides novel compounds that are derivatives of 4,4′-diaminostilbene-2,2′-disulfonic acid or 4,4′-diaminostilbene-2,2′-dicarboxylic acid.  Patent:  8740997.  Inventor:  Mahaffey,  Assignee:  Milliken & Company.

Garment with non-penetrating touch-sensitive features:  A glove that has conductive members that enable the wearer to interact with an electronic device having a capacitive-type touch-sensing interface.  Patent:  8739315.  Inventor:  Baacke.  Assignee:  JMI Sportswear PTE, Ltd.

Method for reduced encrustation of textiles using a polymer comprising maleic acid, vinyl acetate, and alkyl acrylate:  A laundry detergent composition including an alkalinity source, at least one nonionic surfactant and a polymer comprising maleic acid, vinyl acetate and alkyl acrylate monomers. The alkalinity source is present in an amount between about 1% and about 75% by weight of the laundry detergent composition and includes at least one member selected from alkali metal hydroxides, carbonates, and bicarbonates. The polymer comprising maleic acid, vinyl acetate and alkyl acrylate monomers is present in an amount equal to or greater than about 0.5% by weight of the laundry detergent composition.  Patent:  8740993.  Inventor:  Christensen,  Assignee:  Ecolab USA, Inc.

Sublimation embroidery:  A colored embroidered pattern is formed on a fabric by positioning a stabilizer prior to the embroidery process on the top surface of the fabric. The stabilizer extends beyond at least a portion of the embroidered pattern such that it blocks sublimating dyes from binding to the fabric during the sublimation process.  Patent:  8739715.  Inventor:  Cohen.  Not assigned.

Afterclearing agents:  A composition comprising:  1) a polymer of an ethylenically un-saturated nitrogen linked to a heterocyclic compound; and, 2) a polyethyleneimine that is suitable for afterclearing a printed or dyed textile material including cotton fibres dyed or printed with reactive dyes.  Patent:  8740992.  Inventor:  Prozzo,  AssigneeHuntsman International LLC

Apparel with reduced drag coefficient:  An athletic garment with a panel designed to reduce frictional and pressure drag around an appendage of an athlete competing in a high-speed event, such as running and cycling. The panel is positioned to encircle the appendage, and is provided with regions having different surface textures. The leading edge of the panel includes a texture designed to enhance the laminar boundary layer, while the adjacent portion of the panel includes a texture intended to trip the boundary layer to turbulent flow. The drag-reducing panel may be the cuff of a sock, a sleeve, wristband, or headband.  Patent:  8745769.  Inventor:  Wright,  Assignee:  Nike, Inc.

Concealed smartphone pocket:  A concealed safety pocket in a garment for securely carrying a smart phone. The safety pocket provides a separate storage place for carrying a smart phone where it can be found and accessed quickly and can be easily heard and answered. The safety pocket attaches to a waistband and an open side seam, the closure of the pocket completing the side seam.  Patent:  8745767.  Inventor:  Moghaddas.  Not Assigned. 

Concealed smartphone pocket: 
Sister patent to 8745767.  Patent:  8745768.  Inventor:  Moghaddas.  Not Assigned. 

Split Sole Footwear:  A shoe made with a split sole that allows the shoe to be folded for packing.  Patent:  8745893.  Inventor:  Gavrieli and Gavrieli.  Assignee:  Gavrieli Brands LLC.

Wire profile for card clothing:  A wire profile made of a rib portion and a plurality of teeth. The teeth have a back slope like a backbone and a front slope in direct contact with fiber. The back slope has a tangent forming a hack angle with the rib portion, and the front slope is divided into at least two segments, a tip segment converging with the back slope serving to penetrate between fibers, and an undercut segment that retains the fibers. Patent:  8745826.  Inventor:  Vangheluwe, et. al.  AssigneeNv Bekaert Sa, Bekaert Carding Solutions Nv

Jim Carson is a principal of RB Consulting, Inc. and a registered patent agent.  He has over 30 years of experience across multiple industries including the biotechnology, textile, computer, telecommunications, and energy sectors.  RB Consulting, Inc. specializes in providing management, prototyping, and regulatory services to small and start-up businesses.  He can be reached via email at or by phone at (803) 792-2183.

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