Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Important Announcement from [TC]2

Important Announcement from [TC]2

The following announcement was posted October 5, 2015, on the website of [TC]2.

Greetings to all from Cary, North Carolina! As we move into the Fall season, I want you to know of some changes that have recently been made regarding the [TC]2 staff, the services that we offer, and the technology development that we are continuing to focus on.

Some of you may not be aware, but it has been five years since [TC]2 has received a Federal Grant to support its development of advanced technology for the Fashion and Related Industries. This funding had been approved annually through the “earmark” process and managed through OTEXA (Office of Textiles and Apparel) in the U.S. Department of Commerce. Even though [TC]2 has long been considered a “Program of National Importance,” it has not received sufficient funding to continue all projects that have been in progress. As a result, [TC]2 is in the process of restructuring its efforts and will be relocating to a smaller facility in November of 2015.

The body scanning, sizing, fit, virtual dressing, and online shopping research, development, and product sales will continue to be a part of [TC]2, and the current team for these areas will be moving to the new facility. [TC]2 developed the first body scanning system designed specifically for the apparel industry. It is still the largest distributor of body scanning systems in the world and is recognized for its knowledge and experience in this area. Existing projects include the expansion of the iStyling product, and partnering with the BVI initiative (Body Volume Index) in the U.K. to create an online shopping experience that is integrated with the medical industry.

The Industry Services training and consulting activities are being transferred to WDA (Will Duncan & Associates, LLC). As the EVP of [TC]2, Will had been leading this effort on behalf of [TC]2 for a number of years and his firm will assume responsibility for all existing project work as well as new projects. We appreciate his many years of service to [TC]2 and we wish him the best in his new endeavor. This new LLC will use most of the same [TC]2 employees that have established a reputation for excellence in helping companies improve their business processes and manufacturing systems, from product development through distribution. [TC]2 members will continue to receive discounts on the services purchased through WDA.

At present, [TC]2 is still working through the Department of Energy, with the support of Congressman David Price, to receive funding for its Waterless Coloring of Cotton project. Because this may take until calendar year 2016 before the necessary funds can be released, the decision has been made to suspend operation of [TC]2’s internal efforts on waterless coloring. This also includes the operation of the InkDrop Printing service. Once the funding for this is released, we will again support this through internal means.

As President and CEO of [TC]2, I will continue to work with the Executive Committee and Board of Directors, the Body Scanner team, WDA, and the Federal Government to continue our industry work and continue to drive changes that support the future of our industry.

Respectfully submitted,
Dr. Mike Fralix

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