Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Sterlingwear of Boston Acquires Fidelity Sportswear

Sterlingwear of Boston, the official and sole manufacturer of the U.S. Navy Peacoat and other fashion outerwear for the commercial marketplace, has acquired Fidelity Sportswear of Everett, Massachusetts. The final sale became effective April 21, 2015. Frank Fredella, President and CEO for Sterlingwear of Boston, believes that this is a good marriage of two heritage brands. “Sterlingwear of Boston and Fidelity Sportswear reflect the same family values and business principles that have created their success individually. We look forward to growing our brand and to being recognized as a leader for outerwear in the commercial marketplace” says Fredella. “We are looking at two strong brands coming together to create a product and shopping experience on both a national and international level that is second to none. The best part, these are American-Made brands” said Jack Foster, Director of Marketing for Sterlingwear of Boston.

Sterlingwear of Boston is in its third generation of leadership and is truly an All-American story of success. The company was started as Viking Clothing in 1965 by Lorenzo Fredella and his two sons, Frank and Anthony. At that time, the primary work consisted of cut and sew operations for other clothing manufacturers and retailers. In 1968 they were contacted by the U.S. Government to produce peacoats for the U.S. Navy. The contract to produce peacoats propelled the company into a new and very successful direction. For close to 50 years, Sterlingwear of Boston has produced the peacoat for the U.S. Navy, as well as, other outerwear and dress uniforms for all branches of the armed forces. The decision to start offering a commercial line of outerwear was formulated in the year 2000 and has since expanded to include e-commerce, wholesale, and retail store outlets.

Fidelity Sportswear also has strong family ties dating back over 70 years. The day to day operations of Fidelity will continue to be managed by brothers Gerald and Stewart Webber. “We look at this merger as a great opportunity to expand our product offering to our customers and to provide the world with outstanding outerwear. We are very fortunate to have found such a great partner in Sterlingwear of Boston. Frank Fredella and his family will continue the rich traditions that we both share” said Gerald Webber, owner of Fidelity Sportswear.

For more information visit Sterlingwear’s website at or contact Jack Foster, Director of Marketing at 617-567-6465

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