Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Duty Suspension Request of Interest to Textile, Apparel, and Footwear Companies

The U.S. International Trade Commission began accepting petitions for duty suspensions and reductions on October 14, 2016. Petitions will be accepted through Deceber 12, 2016. By January 11, 2017, the public comment period will open. Comments will be accepted for 45 calendar days.

As of noon, Wednesday, October 26, 2016, 253 petitions had been filed Among the petitions are several that may be of interest to Agathon Associates' readers:

Num.PetitionerDescriptionHTSUS-8Chap. 99StatusNotes
126 Simms Fishing Products LLC Polyester/Nylon woven fabric 5407.72.00 Pending
129 Simms Fishing Products LLC Neoprene wading socks 6115.96.90 Pending
130 Simms Fishing Products LLC Neoprene guard socks 6117.80.95 Pending
132 Simms Fishing Products LLC Structured pocket pouch for fishing waders 6117.90.90 Pending
160 Aso LLC Elastic Fabric: 100% Polyester, water-repellent 5407.53.20 Pending
169 Mount Vernon Mills, Inc. Sulfonated polyethylene terephthalate 3907.60.00 Pending
172 Mount Vernon Mills, Inc. NBPT 2929.90.50 Pending
174 American Woolen Company Yarn of combed cashmere or yarn of camel hair 5108.20.80 9902.03.01 Pending
197 PetSmart Home Office, Inc. Squeaky toys for dogs 6307.90.75 Pending
215 Simms Fishing Products LLC Neoprene stockingfoot for fishing waders 6307.90.98 Pending
220 PetSmart Home Office, Inc. Fully Assembled Pet Beds 6307.90.98 Pending
221 PetSmart Home Office, Inc. Toys for dogs without squeakers. 6307.90.75 Pending
223 PetSmart Home Office, Inc. Other textile articles for pets nesoi 6307.90.98 Pending
224 PetSmart Home Office, Inc. Toys for pets other than dogs. 6307.90.75 Pending
226 SUN MOUNTAIN SPORTS, INC. Golf bag flat with or without rain hood and sling 6307.90.98 9902.23.24 Pending
242 Jagger Brothers Certain acrylic fiber 5506.30.00 Pending Similar to 9902.10.22
243 Jagger Brothers Rayon top 5507.00.00 9902.23.34 Pending
252 School Apparel, Inc. Acrylic Fiber-Dyed Low Pill Knitting Yarn 5509.32.00 Pending

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