Tuesday, October 1, 2013

How Will the Government Shutdown Affect Your Business

The clients of Agathon Associates interact with several U.S. Government offices that will may be affected by the current partial government shutdown. Here's a listing of some of the offices that may be of interest:

  • Consumer Product Safety Commission. CPSC will update with information about imminent risks only during the government shutdown. Read CSPC Shutdown Plan here.

  • Department of Commerce, which includes the Office of Textiles and Apparel. According to the Washington Post, "Of the Commerce Department’s 46,420 employees, 40,234 will be furloughed. The bulk of the non-furloughed employees are at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, where 5,368 of the agency’s 12,001 workers will remain on the job preparing weather, shipping and other reports important for public safety and the economy. The Patent and Trademark Office, because of the fees it collects, has enough independent funding to remain open for four weeks – but would close as well in any extended government shutdown. The Bureau of Industry and Security, responsible for reviewing exports under U.S. national security laws, will keep 150 employees – nearly half its workforce – on duty."

  • Department of Defense. According the Washington Post, "The Defense Department will continue to conduct military operations and training exercises. The roughly 1.4 million active-duty uniformed military personnel will stay on the job. Of the department’s 800,000 civilian workers, about half will be furloughed. Those deemed essential because they are critical to safety missions, or are actively participating in or supporting a military operation, will continue to work."

  • Department of Homeland Security, which includes Customs and Border Protection. As of July 31, 2013, CBP had 59,561 on-board employees. CBP estimates 52,673 employees as the total number exempt and estimated to be retained during a federal funding hiatus. These employees are exempt since they are Presidential appointees, law enforcement officers, funded by other than annual appropriations, or necessary for the protection of life and property. CBP will continue passenger processing and cargo inspection functions at ports of entry. Read the DHS Shutdown Plan here.

  • Federal Trade Commission. FTC is closed due to the government shutdown. Read the FTC Shutdown Plan here.

  • Executive Office of the President, which includes the Office of the United States Trade Representative. USTR will furlough about 75% of its employees during the shutdown. Read the EOP Shutdown Plan here.

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