Thursday, October 10, 2013

U.S. Government Offices Will Be Closed Monday

Whatever happens between the Democrats (the near occasion of sin) and the Republicans (no worse than a bad head cold) the United States government will be closed Monday, October 14th. It's Columbus Day.

"We do not read even of the discovery of this continent, without feeling something of a personal interest in the event; without being reminded how much it has affected our own fortunes and our own existence. It would be still more unnatural for us, therefore, than for others, to contemplate with unaffected minds that interesting, I may say that most touching and pathetic scene, when the great discoverer of America stood on the deck of his shattered bark, the shades of night falling on the sea, yet no man sleeping; tossed on the billows of an unknown ocean, yet the stronger billows of alternate hope and despair tossing his own troubled thoughts; extending forward his harassed frame, straining westward his anxious and eager eyes, till Heaven at last granted him a moment of rapture and ecstasy, in blessing his vision with the sight of the unknown world." —Daniel Webster, First Bunker Hill Monument Oration, 1825.

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