Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Catching Up

Sometimes I talk too much.  And when I do textile industry patents start piling up.  So to keep within the spirit of “recently issued” below is an extended summary of selected patents that have been recently issued in textile related classification codes:

Graphical Element Laminate for Use in a Skate Boot.  This invention appears to be taking a basic ice skate and protecting and strengthening it with a clear thermoplastic laminate.  Patent #: 8555527.  Inventors:  Koyess and Dekos.  Assignee:  Sport Maska Inc.

Multipanel Protective Undergarment: Paneled undershorts made of a protective fabric such as Kevlar.  Patent #: 8561213.  Inventors: Howell,  Assignee:  BCB International Ltd.

Footwear:  An athletic shoe with voids in the sole to cushion the impact of running.  Patent #:  8555525.  Inventor:  Mahoney.  Assignee:  Saucony IP Holdings, Inc.

Latch Needle with Improved Latch Bearing:  A new latch needle design that improves precision and manufacturability.  Patent #: 8561435.  Inventor:  Bruske,  Assignee:  Groz-Beckert, KG.

Direct Driving Auxiliary Yarn Guide Apparatus for Flat Knitting Machines:  A directly driven yarn guide to provide precision yarn feeds into a knitting machine.  Patent #: 8561436.  Inventor:  Lin.  Assignee:  Pai Lung Machinery Mill Co, Ltd.

Elastomeric Articles Having a Welded Seam that Possess Strength and Elasticity:  Elastomeric articles, such as gloves, are described that are made by welding two polymer films together. Polymer films are selected that have excellent elastic properties in combination with tensile strength properties. For instance, the polymer films can be made from a thermoplastic elastomer that has a tensile strength of greater than 40 MPa and has a modulus of from about 2 MPA to about 20 MPa.  Patent #:  8566965.  Inventors:  Shamis,  Assignee:  Kimberly-Clark Worldwide, Inc.

Pants with Waistband Having a Reinforced Loop:  Pants that reduce the “back gap” of the wearer without using an elastic waistband.  The pants include a waistband shaped to descend from the hip region to a rear center region, thereby resembling a shallow v-shape. The rear center region is configured to reach toward the back of the individual wearing the pants. In one embodiment, a reinforcement patch is used to provide foundation to connect a belt loop to the waistband.   Patent #:  8566966.  Inventors:  DiSanto and Aldighiere.  Assigned:  Ariat International, Inc.

Device and Method for Producing a UD Layer:  UD means unidirectional.  A method of laying out filaments for fiber reinforced plastics.  The method includes spreading the filament strands out transversely to a longitudinal direction of the UD layer to form bands that are arranged next to one another. A first width of the bands is greater than a dividing width, which corresponds to the predetermined layer width divided by the predetermined number of filament strands.  Patent #: 8567024.   Inventors:  Heinrich,  Assignee:  Karl Mayer Malimo Textilmaschinenfabrik GmbH

Method for Manufacturing a Waterproof and Vapor-Permeable Shoe and Shoe Obtained with the Method:  A method for manufacturing a waterproof and vapor-permeable shoe, including preparing a semi-manufactured component of an upper for a shoe, to be arranged spread out on one or two flat surfaces, arranging on the inner part of the semi-manufactured component of an upper a waterproof and vapor-permeable membrane, then preparing an adhesive bonding between the semi-manufactured component of an upper and the membrane so as to not inhibit the vapor-permeability of the assembly. Flat shapes, suitable of shaping complementarily with respect to different thicknesses of stitched seams and of superimposed parts are prepared, and the membrane is coupled to the semi-manufactured component of an upper, with the outer part arranged resting on the shape. The upper is finished associated with an insole, and a sole.  Patent #: 8566991. Inventor:  Mueller.  Assignee:  Geox  S.P.A.

Ventilation Sole for Shoes:  A ventilation sole for footwear, in which an air inlet-outlet is formed in a side of the ventilation sole, vents are formed in an upper portion of the ventilation sole, the vents communicating with the air inlet-outlet, and a device for opening and closing an air inlet-outlet, which is coupled with the air inlet-outlet, supplies ambient air into the footwear. The device for opening and closing an air inlet-outlet is adapted to be opened or closed by a locking or unlocking action when turned, and is disposed in the air inlet-outlet such that it is exposed to the outside. Since the device is opened and closed by the turning action of the button cap, the user can conveniently open or close the air inlet-outlet.  Patent #:  8567092.  Inventor:  Park.  Assignee:  Kyungdo Co, Inc.

Shoe Sole:   A sole adapted to provide improved leverage during the toe-off stage of gait comprises elongate elements along the horizontal surface of the sole. The elongate elements are adapted to tauten in response to longitudinal forces on the sole, increasing the rigidity of the midsection of the sole and providing effective propulsive assistance to the athlete. Patent #: 8567097.  Inventors: Edy,  Assignee:  Inoveight Limited.

Footwear or Orthotic Inserts with Inner and Outer bladders Separated by an Internal Sipe Including a Media:  An apparatus that improves the flexibility of the sole and as a single unit simplifies manufacturing.  It is a footwear or orthotic sole and an insert with an outer bladder curved concavely relative to an intended wearer's foot location in the device. The outer bladder forms a component of the sole. An inner bladder contains a gas and is substantially surrounded by the outer bladder. The outer bladder and inner bladder are separated by an internal sipe including a media. The sipe is formed by an inner surface of the outer bladder and an outer surface of the inner bladder. The surfaces forming the sipe can move relative to each other in a sliding motion.  Patent #: 8567095.  Inventor:  Ellis.  Not Assigned.

Jim Carson is a principal of RB Consulting, Inc. and a registered patent agent.  He has over 30 years of experience across multiple industries including the biotechnology, textile, computer, telecommunications, and energy sectors.  RB Consulting, Inc. specializes in providing management, prototyping, and regulatory services to small and start-up businesses.  He can be reached via email at or by phone at (803) 792-2183.

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