Friday, January 24, 2014

Engineered Solutions Purchases Assets of Rocan Inc.

Hardy Poole, president of Engineered Solutions, PLLC, has announced the purchase of the intellectual and technical assets of Rocan, Inc., a company founded in 1989 by his colleague, Clyde T. Canter. Poole has some 40 years of experience in areas of the textile industry, including wearing apparel, upholstery and other home furnishings, military procurement and a general understanding of associated standards and government regulations.

Hardy Poole
Established in 2003, Engineered Solutions, PLLC has served clients from industry, government, law firms, trade associations and retail clothing stores. In 2009, the two consulting companies joined forces to expand client services in research and a wide range of technical services related to flammability of textile products. Poole and Canter have collaborated as associates on research and in a variety of projects for clients that have interest in textiles, textile flammability, product safety and military textiles. Canter, a long term authority in flammability of textile products and a leading independent expert in product liability litigations, has retired, but will continue his role as an advisor to assist Engineered Solutions.

Engineered Solutions' purchase of the intellectual assets of his colleague’s business include a unique technical library that contains a vast collection of reference files and publications relating to the flammability of textiles that now reside at Engineered Solutions’ headquarters in Charlottesville, Virginia, and laboratory facilities in Burlington, NC. The laboratory is equipped for microscopy & chemical analysis of textile materials and apparatus that enable testing in accordance with virtually all government and voluntary industry standards for flammability applicable to textiles. The laboratory also conducts more aggressive flammability tests and full-scale burning of clothing on dressed manikins in a fire-safe enclosure.

Engineered Solutions is recognized as an independent organization that has conducted research and numerous flammability tests on textile products, including controlled ignitions on dressed manikins to demonstrate and compare burning characteristics of selected items of ordinary clothing.

Engineered Solutions is headquartered at 110 Hawthorne Lane, Charlottesville, VA 22911. January 21, 2014

Contact: Hardy Poole,, 434.296.4464

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