Thursday, January 30, 2014

International Fiber Identification Symposium Set for 19 & 20 February at Biella, Italy

The Cashmere and Camel Hair Manufacturers Institute announces its 2014 International Fiber Identification Symposium to be held 19 & 20 February at the CNR-ISMAC laboratory in Biella, Italy. Arranged in cooperation with CNR-ISMAC, the Symposium will feature presentations by noted authorities throughout the world on the subject of fiber identification with particular reference to cashmere, wool and specialty animal fibers.

Professor Stefano Sforza, University of Parma, and Dr. Claudia Vineis, CNR-ISMAC, will present the featured presentation of the symposium on “UPLC/ESI-MS method to identify wool, cashmere and yak fibres”. The method, developed by the two institutions, and supported by CCMI and a consortium of Italian cashmere and fine wool processors, breaks new ground in the objective analysis and identification of wool and specialty animal fibres, utilizing protein analysis by means of the mass-spectrometry. This is a significant breakthrough particularly in overcoming some difficulties in microscopic identification of fibers of different animal species, but of similar morphology.

Also on the agenda for the first day of the two-day symposium are foremost scientists and technicians from Japan and Korea discussing advanced fiber identification utilizing protein analysis (MALDI-TOF and liquid chromatography) and DNA analysis.

The second day of the symposium will feature discussions on microscopic identification of animal fibres with presentations by Chinese, Korean, Japanese and Italian experts in their field.

Attendees at the Symposium include representatives of CCMI member companies and textile laboratories worldwide.

For further information please contact CCMI Representative Alberto Manferrari.


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