Thursday, September 18, 2014

Karl Spilhaus to Speak at Cashmere World in Hong Kong

Karl Spilhaus, President, Cashmere and Camel Hair Manufacturers Institute and Chairman, American Textile History Museum, will speak at Cashmere World, which will be held in Hong Kong, September 25-27, 2014.

Among the topics he will address are the challenges the fine fibres industry faces at the moment. Adequate supply of the best quality raw materials is an increasing problem for the members of CCMI. Vast cultural changes in China are having their effect on the industry. A more affluent population is demanding meat and dairy in their diet and this affects goat production. Actions to prevent desertification are having an effect on the quality and the micron of the raw material as are efforts to increase yield through the introduction of non-cashmere goats.

He will also address the steps has the CCMI taken recently to protect the integrity of cashmere and other fine fibre products in the marketplace. CCMI continues to aggressively police the marketplace for mislabeled cashmere and superfine wool products. Recently we have been very pleased with breakthroughs in fine fibre analysis with biochemical methods. The application of these objective methods will provide significant confidence to legitimate players in the cashmere supply chain and eliminate many difficult issues around fibre identification. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE

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