Thursday, October 30, 2014

Catching Up

This week I will focus on issued patents.  Below is a summary of selected patents that have been recently issued in textile related classification codes:

Body-shaping intimacy garment:  A body-shaping intimacy garment where the torso portion, lower portion and leg portions each include respective portions of inner and outer layers of stretchable fabrics. The inner layer fabric is worn stretched about the torso, waist, buttocks, hips and legs, with tension in shoulder straps maintaining some inner layer stretch along the torso portion while worn. The outer layer fabric has a lesser elasticity than the inner layer fabric, and the two fabric layers are connected at the bust but are otherwise disconnected.  Patent:  8701213.  Assignee:  Cronan.  Not Assigned.

One-piece garment:  A one-piece garment is presented, such as a pajama for toddlers, which prevents removal of the garment by the toddler and keeps the toddler from gaining access to his diaper. The one-piece garment may be modified for wearers of any size and/or age so that the wearer cannot remove his own garment or disturb garments or medical devices that are worn under the one-piece garment.  Patent:  8701214.  Inventor:  Stoneham.  Not Assigned.

Medical gown:  A body covering gown which is secured on the user by one or more stretchable strips which extend across an opening in the gown.  Patent:  8701215.   Inventor:  Levine.  Not assigned.

Grip-it golf method:  A method to conveniently store golf gloves made of a Velcro type material that can be snapped or buttoned onto pants, or wrapped around a club (like a putter).  Patent:  8701216.  Inventor:  Evans.  Not assigned.
Use of ascorbic acid derivatives for dyeing keratin-containing fibres:  The invention relates to the use of specific ascorbic acid derivatives for dyeing keratin-containing fibers or as direct dyes for the preparation of a composition for dyeing keratin-containing fibers, and to methods for dyeing keratin-containing fibers, in particular for dyeing human hair.  Patent:  8702813.  Inventor:  Rudolph and Oberle.  Assignee:  Merck Patent Gmbh.

Cyanoborate, fluoroalkylphosphate, fluoroalkylborate or imide dyes:  A cationic dye, such as rhodamine, where the anion is selected from the group of the cyanoborates, fluoroalkylphosphates, fluoroalkylborates or imidates.  The result is a more electrochemically and thermally stable product with improved solubility in organic solvents for use in plastics and gel inks.  Patent:   8702815.  Inventor:  Ignatyev, et. al.  Assignee:  Merck Patent Gmbh

Method of forming an article of footwear incorporating a trimmed knitted upper:  A method of forming an article of footwear includes from a knitted workpiece formed of unitary knit construction. The knitted workpiece forms an upper of the article of footwear with a body and trim region. Patent:  8701232.  Inventors:  Droege and Podhajny.  Assignee:  Nike, Inc.

Protective fabric:  Crimp-imbalanced protective fabric with varying levels of yarn crimp within and across layers of a multi-layer fabric armor system. The method includes developing a crimp in the yarn by pulling the yarn through a solution that coats the yarn. The removable coating has a thickness that ensures a proper amount of crimp in the yarn. The tension in the yarn is controlled; the yarn is weaved; and a crimp is applied in the yarn. Once the crimp is applied, families of the crimped yarn are utilized as a layer or layered to produce a soft armor form.  Patent:  8701255.  Inventor:  Cavallaro.  Assignee:  The United States Of America As Represented By The Secretary Of The Navy.

Flexible footwear covering reducing friction and drag between shoes and floor surfaces:  A flexible footwear covering that fits on a shoe with a lower coefficient of friction than the bottom of a shoe.  This allows for ease of motion on carpeted or other surfaces.  The covering is in the shape of a sock with a ring, which gives the option to fully cover for maximum ease of movement or expose the heel for more traction when needed.  Patent:  8701310.  Inventor:  Walsh.  Not Assigned.

Top of the boot:  A decorative top piece that fits into and over the top of a boot, to provide a place to decorate with jewelry or other items.  Patent 8701311.  Inventor:  Barnhart.  Not Assigned.

Protective textile sleeve having high edge abrasion resistance and method of construction:  A protective textile sleeve including both monofilament and multifilament yarns woven in both warp and fill directions. The warp yarns are woven in a warp-faced pattern with the fill yarns. As such, the warp yarns float over 2 or more of fill yarns. The warp monofilaments provide the sleeve with increased abrasion resistance, while the warp multifilaments provide the sleeve with increased flexibility and coverage protection within the cavity of the sleeve. The fill monofilaments provide the sleeve with increased abrasion resistance and the fill multifilaments provide the sleeve with increased flexibility and coverage protection. The method includes weaving the warp and fill yarns in one of an open or closed wall construction. The method can include heat-setting the monofilament fill yarns to bias the open wall into a self-closing tubular configuration.  Patent:  8701716.  Inventor:  Kashihara.  Assignee:  Federal-Mogul Corporation.

Antiadhesive material:  An antiadhesive material with excellent biocompatibility and bioabsorbability as well as excellent strength in suturing and bonding. A reinforcing material made of a biodegradable polymer is impregnated with is a gelatin solution which is caused to gelate and dried. This creates an antiadhesive material.   Patent:  8703627.  Inventor:  Matsuda,  Assignee:  Gunze Limited, Jms Co., Ltd.

Jim Carson is a principal of RB Consulting, Inc. and a registered patent agent.  He has over 30 years of experience across multiple industries including the biotechnology, textile, computer, telecommunications, and energy sectors.  RB Consulting, Inc. specializes in providing management, prototyping, and regulatory services to small and start-up businesses.  He can be reached via email at or by phone at (803) 792-2183.

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