Friday, October 10, 2014

Visit Spectro Coating and Claremong Flock at IFAI Expo

Spectro Coating Corp and Claremont Flock will be exhibiting at the Industrial Fabrics Association International ("IFAI") Specialty Fabrics Expo and Advanced Textiles Expo, October 13-16, in Minneapolis, Minn.

Claremont and parent company Spectro have been working on all types of new materials in short cut fiber, flocked products and coated materials. These include urethane coatings, glitter coatings, light weight materials, fiber glass, foams, rubbers, breathable coatings, reflective, UV resistant fibers, stretchable flocks, etc. They also have a new glow in the dark product they will have in the booth. All their our materials use water based coating and adhesives, and are proudly Made in the USA or undergo significant manufacturing processes in the U.S.A.

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