Thursday, June 22, 2017

The FTC Seeks Comments on Proposal to Eliminate Obsolete Provisions in Textile Labeling Rule

The Commission recently announced a new initiative to eliminate or change outdated, unnecessary regulations and processes. While the textile regulation at issue here does not impose large costs on business, the cumulative burden of unnecessary regulations can impose significant costs and undermine the efficiency with which government delivers services to the public. With these concerns in mind, the Commission now proposes eliminating the requirement in 16 CFR 303.19(a) that businesses furnish the Commission with registered word trademarks prior to using these marks to satisfy the Textile Rules. Eliminating this requirement is expected to reduce compliance costs while increasing firms’ flexibility.

Section 303.19 of the Textile Rules allows the owners of registered word trademarks who use these trademarks as house marks to disclose such trademarks on labels in lieu of their business names. However, before doing so, the company must file a copy of the trademark's USPTO registration with the Commission. This requirement was imposed in 1959 presumably to obviate the need for the Commission to obtain from the USPTO paper copies of trademark registrations. However, the registered marks can be found by searching online or at the USPTO's Website ( The Commission, therefore, proposes to eliminate the requirement for businesses to file paper copies of the registration with the Commission because it appears unnecessary and could in some cases impose unnecessary costs on businesses.

For the Commission to consider your comment, they must receive it on or before July 31, 2017.

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