Wednesday, January 13, 2021

AATCC Announces 2021 "Fashion Evolution" Student Merchandising Competition

2021 C2C Student Merchandising Competition
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AATCC Announces
2021 "Fashion Evolution"
 Student Merchandising Competition

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This year’s theme, Fashion Evolution, showcases AATCC’s Centennial—the Association’s 100th Birthday!  The theme for AATCC’s Centennial celebrations is “Celebrating a Century—Focused on the Future!”

Fashion Evolution will mirror that theme. From the 1920s, when AATCC was founded, to the present day, students will be asked to choose a decade from the last 100 years and market reinvented fashions for the 2020 decade focusing on one or more of the following:
  • fit/sizing for various body types
  • sustainable fashion
  • personal protection
  • new textile materials/technology

Students will be asked to:  
  • Develop and describe the marketing plan and merchandising plan and products for an integrated apparel line.
  • Research one chosen decade and related apparel products from that time period.
  • Describe a reinvented fashion for the 2020 decade incorporating a focus area that creates a modern approach.
  • Consider how the selected focus area makes the apparel line more relevant or marketable today.
  • Explain how the product line is unique.
  • Describe what aspects from the selected decade were chosen and what in your product line makes them reinvented for the future.
Entries due April 20, 2021
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  • 1st place earns US$1000 from AATCC and US$300 from Farhan Patel
  • 2nd place earns US$750 from AATCC
  • 3rd place earns US$250 from AATCC

Faculty Note

AATCC announces this competition during the summer anticipating that textile, apparel, fashion, business, marketing, and merchandising faculty will incorporate it as a project for their fall and/or spring curriculum. Faculty members are encouraged to assist students with the coordination of teams and resources, and to act as liaisons with AATCC for this competition.


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