Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Glue Company to Pay Record $1.2 Million Fine for Fake Made in USA Claims

The Federal Trade Commission filed suit against cyanoacrylate glue maker Chemence, Inc., and company president James Cooke, for supplying pre-labeled and pre-packaged glues with deceptive “Made in USA” claims to trade customers to use in marketing the strong, fast-acting glues under retailer brand names. The FTC’s complaint alleges that Chemence and Cooke supplied glues in packages labeled with deceptive unqualified “Made in USA” claims, some with an image of the American flag, for products such as Master Super Glue, JB WELD SuperWeld, Stick Fast Instant CA Adhesive, Pink Gel Nail Glue, SAATI Ultrafix CA – MV, and Kiss Maximum Speed Nail Glue. The proposed settlement requires Chemence and Cooke to pay $1.2 million to the FTC, the highest monetary judgment ever for a Made in USA case. Read more HERE.

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