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Catching Up

Since I am still behind on publishing the patent summaries, I will focus on the issued patents.

Below is a summary of selected patents that have been recently issued in textile related classification codes:

Footwear provided with spring means and as such spring means:  Footwear with a spring incorporated in the sole to store impact energy and return the energy to the wearer.  The spring is user adjustable to optimize performance.   Patent #:  8615900.   Inventor:  Diekman.  Assignee:  Diekman.

Article of footwear with shock absorbing heel system:  A shoe heel system with a lower heel plate, a set of support members, and an upper heel plate configured to hide the upper heel plate from view. The lower heel plate is associated with a cantilever portion that supports the upper heel plate laterally. As force is applied to the heel system, the support members may compress slightly and the cantilever portion may lower, absorbing energy and or shocks applied by the ground.  Patent #: 8615901  Inventor:  Caine,  Assignee:  Nike, Inc.

Support liners and arrangements including the same:  Support liners and cushions with compressible protrusions arranged in an interconnected manner that ensures strict compression of the compressible protrusions by compressive force.  Patent #:  8615903.  Inventor:  Zona.  Assignee:  Pittsburgh Plastics Manufacturing Inc.

Footwear cleat with cushioning:  A cleat for footwear that is mounted on a cushioning layer. When a user steps on a surface wearing a shoe outfitted with these cleats, the resilience of the cushioning layer both lessens the impact of the traction elements on the ground surface and lessens the reaction force on the user's foot transmitted through the shoe's outsole. The user's comfort is thereby enhanced.  Patent #: 8615904.  Inventors:  Locke,  Assignee:  Cleats LLC.

Massaging footwear: Shoe with an insole made with integral massaging pads to aid in relaxation, relief of sore feet, and stimulation for various body parts through reflexology. The sole has a plurality of bumps and ridges designed to impact and massage various reflex areas of the feet while walking. These bumps and ridges correspond to various areas of the foot that are linked to various points and organs in the human body such as kidneys, liver, skeletal joints, and the like. Thus, as the user walks, they experience a massaging effect resulting in increased comfort, relaxation, and overall body wellness. Patent:  8615905.  Inventors:  Szabo and Szabo.  Assignee:  Szabo and Szabo.

Balloon with dividing fabric layers and method for braiding over three-dimensional forms:  A medical balloon with a variable diameter that is reinforced with continuous fibers woven to form a fabric with a varying number of layers and fiber densities.  The fabric also includes a braiding pattern that facilitates the transition from a single layer fabric to a multiple layer fabric. Included is a manufacturing method for the braiding and layering.  The intended use is for angioplasty.  Patent #:  8616111.  Inventor:  Simpson.  Assignee:  C.R. Bard, Inc.

Method for designing and creating material made from fish skins, wherein said material is made from individual fish skins and can be stretched, mechanically or automatically manipulated, sewn, and ironed to ensure that all the unions and surfaces are perfectly uniform, flat, and free of ripples in order to produce a highly-tensile, uniform cloth of variable dimensions:  A material made from pieces of fish skin and a method of manufacturing a material includes sewing or adhering pieces of fish skin to each other.  Patent #:  8616141. Inventors:  Gandarillas,  Assignee:  Gandarillas, 

Multifunctional composites:   A composite structure, and manufacturing method, comprising a high tenacity fiber coated by a matrix resin. The composite structure can further comprise an impact-absorbing elastomeric filler integrated into the matrix resin. Also provided is a method for making a composite structure. The advantage of this composite is impact resistance.  Patent #:  8618004.  Inventor:  Kubota.  Assignee:  Kubota

Novelty mitt:  A novelty mitt worn at a sporting event such as baseball game.  The base comprises a shell, finger pockets and a wrist wrap.  The mitt can be fabricated at a significantly low cost and is comfortable, versatile and easy to use.  Patent #:  8621665.  Inventor: Lowney.  Not Assigned.

Visored cloth headgear:  A hat with a visor that can be worn normally or can be opened up and wrapped over the top of the head to form the shape of a more traditional hat.  Patent #: 8621667. Inventor:  Kordon.  Not Assigned.

Convertible garment:  A winter garment that converts from a cap or hat configuration to a neck gaiter, face cover, or hand warmer.  Patent #: 8621668.  Inventor:  Nolz.  Assignee: Splitsgear L.L.C.

Disposable safety garment with improved doffing and neck closure:  A nonwoven safety garments. The features of the stitching (including hemming and higher stitch counts) of some embodiments limit the number of particulates emitted from seams between cut edges.  Doffing loops are also claimed.  Patent #:  8621669.  Inventors:  Sudhansu,  Assignee:  Quest Environmental & Safety Products, Inc (Original).

Pair of trousers:  Pants with an inner and outer component.  The elasticity of the inner component is less than the outer component.  The inner component supports the abdomen and that gives an overall slimming effect.  Patent #: 8621670.  Inventor:  Hansen.  Assignee:  Hlh Invest Aps.

Head and neck protection apparatus:  A helmet/shoulder pad arrangement where the helmet is attached to the shoulder pad at the collar and the brunt of the force to the head is transferred directly to the shoulders.  The helmet surrounds but is not connected to the head.  Patent:  8621672.  Inventor:  Chuback.  Not Assigned.

4-aminoindole derivatives and use thereof for the oxidation dyeing of keratin fibres:  A chemical base (4-aminoindole) that can be modified to dye keratin based fibers (including hair and wool) a broad range of colors.  Patent #:  8623100.  Inventors:  Fadli and Makhlouf.  Assignee L’Oreal.

Device on a spinning room preparation machine, for example a fibre flock feeder, carding machine, cleaner or the like, for supplying and/or discharging fibre material:  A fiber feed device that reduces vibrations and the formation of fiber “sausages” that accumulate and block fiber flow.  Patent #:  8621721.  Inventors: Jacobs and Tammen.  Assignee:  FA. Truetzschler GmbH & Co. KG.

Molded insole for welted footwear:  An improved welted footwear and related method of manufacture. The invention is directed to a molded foot support platform that provides a number of advantageous features.  Patent #:  8621765.    Inventors:  Geer and Swinnerton.  Assignee:  Red Wing Shoe Company, Inc.

Shoes, devices for shoes, and methods of using shoes:  A shoe with two plates biased by springs and a hinge point that absorb and return energy to the wearer.  Patent #:  8621766.  Inventors:  Goldston, et. al.  Assignee:  Athletic Propulsion Labs LLC.

Article of footwear having a support structure:  An article of footwear with a midsole having a cavities and a flexible cage member attaching the midsole structure and support structures attached to the exterior wall of the shoe.  Patent #:  8621767.  Inventors:  Vestuti,  Assignee:  Reebok International Limited

Golf shoe:  A golf shoe with a “wave” type support structure that remains stiff in the longitudinal direction (for comfort when walking), while providing a collapsible structure in the transverse direction to facilitate energy transfer when swinging the club.  Patent #:  8621768.  Inventors:  Robinson and Erickson.  Assignee:  Acushnet Company

Knitted cut-resistant glove, without fiberglass:  A glove knitted using three yarns.  The first is a composite yarn prepared by wrapping one or more highly abrasion-resistant polyamide yarns on a composite core made by direct cabling of a stainless steel yarn and one or more highly abrasion-resistant polyamide yarns.  The second is a second polyamide elastane yarn.  The third is a para-aramid yarn.  The glove is a double-sided knit with the first and second yarns are located on one side of the knit while the para-aramid yarn is located on the opposite side.  Patent #:  8621890.  Inventor:  Veillet.  Assignee:  Honeywell International Inc.

Article of footwear incorporating a knitted component with a tongue:  Shoe with an upper that includes an exterior knit element and a tongue. The tongue is formed with a unitary knit construction with the exterior knit element and extends through a throat area of the upper.  Patent #:  8621891.  Inventors:  Dua,  Assignee:  Nike, Inc.

Device and method for treating vascular abnormalities:  A braided vascular tube with an inner and outer layer that folds onto itself allowing delivery through smaller catheters or other devices.  Patent #:  8621975.  Inventors:  Russo,  Assignee:  Aga Medical Corporation.

Structured fabric for use in a papermaking machine and the fibrous web produced thereon:  A single layer fabric, and associated weave pattern, for use in a paper making machine.  Patent #:   8622095.  Inventor:  Quigley.  Assignee:  Voith Patent Gmbh.

Printing blanket construction:  An offset printing blanket construction made of a weft insertion fabric or a heavy gauge fabric with reinforcing fabric ply provides all of the necessary tensioning properties to the blanket. The use of the reinforcing fabric ply eliminates the need for additional reinforcing fabric plies in the blanket construction, and provides high tensile strength, low stretch, and resistance to gauge loss.  Patent #:   8623774.  Inventor:  Byers.  Assignee:  Day International, Inc.

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