Friday, April 18, 2014

Cupramonium Rayon Filament Yarn Added to KORUS Short Supply List

The Committee for the Implementation of Textile Agreements ("CITA") has determined that certain cuprammonium rayon filament yarns, as specified below, are not available in commercial quantities in a timely manner in the United States. The product will be added to the list in Annex 4-B-1 of the KORUS FTA in unrestricted quantities.

Specifications: Certain textured and non-textured cuprammonium rayon filament yarns
HTS: 5403.39
Yarn Sizes (The figures below include the +/-10% variance that may occur after knitting, weaving and finishing):
200-163.64 Nm/30 filaments (45-55 denier)
133.33-109.09 Nm/45 filaments (67.5-82.5 denier)
133.33-109.09 Nm/54 filaments (67.5-82.5 denier)
100-81.81 Nm/70 filaments (90-110 denier)
Yarn sizes were calculated using a conversion factor of 9000/denier = Nm
No turns

BACKGROUND: On March 11, 2014, the Chairman of CITA received a Request for a commercial availability determination from Kingery, Samet & Sorini PLLC on behalf of Dae Yong Textile Co., Ltd, for certain cuprammonium rayon filament yarns as specified below. No interested entity submitted a Response to the Request advising CITA of its objection to the Request with an offer to supply the subject product.

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