Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Catching Up

This week I will focus on issued patents.  Below is a summary of selected patents that have been recently issued in textile related classification codes:

Shoe with anti-slip device:  A flexible silted sole with spikes set within the slits.  When pressure is applied, the slits move apart and the spikes protrude to improve shoe contact and friction with the ground.  Patent: 8677655.  Inventor: Chen.  Not Assigned.

Athletic shoe with heel counter for maintaining shape of heel section:  A heel counter designed to maintain the shape of the heel during running.  The design of the heel is biased towards providing additional support to runners who pronate during landing.  Patent:  8677656.  Inventor:    Assignee:  Asics Corporation.

Golf shoe outsole:  A golf shoe outsole with a flexible forward with each section having a pod and cleat attached.  Sole perimeter is flared to provide greater stability and balance.  Patent:  8677657.  Inventor:  Bacon,  Assignee:   Acushnet Company.

Reinforcement cable:  A reinforcement cable comprises a central wire and wires spirally wound to form a layer.  An outer layer of inclined protrusions are incorporated into the cable.  Patent:  8677725.  Inventor:  Zaretsky,  Assignee:  Limited Liability Company “Armasteel.”

Method of making an elevator belt:  A method of making a load bearing elevator traction belt includes applying individual coatings of a jacket material to multiple tension members such that each tension member is individually coated separately.  A portion of the individual coatings are joined together to secure the tension members into a desired alignment and to form a single jacket that establishes a geometry of the belt.  Patent:  8677726.  Inventor:   Assignee:  Otis Elevator Company.

Atraumatic stent and method and apparatus for making the same:  A method of braiding a stent includes braiding a number of elongate filaments around a mandrel using tensioned braiding carriers without spooling the filaments to the tensioned braiding carriers to form a braided stent having atraumatic ends.  Patent:  8677874.  Inventor:  Lilburn.  Assignee:  Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

Multi-needle quilting machine and needle and looper drive mechanism therefor and method of operating same:  A multi-needle quilting machine with a common drive that drives the needles and loopers.  Patent:  8677916.  Inventor:  James and Kaetterhenry.  Assignee:  L&P Property Management Company.

Cotton towel with structural polyester reinforcement:  A mostly cotton yarn terry cloth product with borders having high content polyester yarns. The polyester borders are more rugged, and aid in preventing fraying and failure along the edges. In addition, reinforcing ribs, also formed from yarns have a high polyester content, may be provided that extend from a border on one side of the terry cloth product to a border on the other side. This feature anchors the borders in place, limiting failure at the juncture of the border and the adjacent cotton.
Patent:  8678044.  Inventor:  Rabin,  Assignee:  Six Continents Hotels, Inc.

Self-decontaminating coatings and fabrics:  A self-decontaminating fabric made with two coating solutions.  The first is photocatalyst dissolved in an alcohol and the second solution is a metal alkoxide dissolved in an organic solvent.  Patent:  8679990.  Inventor:  Lombardi.  Not Assigned.

Elastic composite formed from multiple laminate structures:  An elastic composite formed from a laminate that contains an elastic film and a lightweight nonwoven facing having a low strength in the cross-machine direction. Through selection of the polymer content and thickness, the inventors have discovered that the elastic and thermoplastic films may be readily joined together under light pressure at ambient temperature conditions. This avoids the heat used in a conventional calender processes, which can damage the film.  Patent 8679992Inventor:  Austin,  Assignee:  Kimberly-Clarke Worldwide, Inc.

Pillow bib:   a baby bib that parents wear on their shoulders to protect parents from baby drooling, food and drink spills, and other mishaps.  Patent:  8683614.  Inventors:  Leung and Su.  Not Assigned

Overalls for cleanroom and the likeA clean room suit with interior handles and other modifications to facilitate donning the suit without touching the exterior surface.  Patent:  8683615.  Inventor:  Vanneste.  Assignee:  Scaldis St-Martin.

Slimming garments:  Shape control garments that incorporate a transition control band that prevents the body from dramatically pushing out at the edge of the garment.  Patent:  8683616.  Inventor:  Zielinski.  Land Bryant Purchasing Group.

Apparel incorporating a protective element:  A garment with protective elements that have a configuration that forms a gap, separation, or pleat structure.  The structure permits the protective element to move independent of other portions of the apparel at the joint, thereby enhancing a range of movement of the individual and the overall comfort of the apparel.  Patent:  8683618.  Inventors:  Grogro and Turner.  Assignee:  Nike, Inc.

Amine salt activation of peroxycarboxylic acids:  Compositions containing peroxycarboxylic acid is combined with a nonmetallic activators to replace to replace peracids as bleaching and antimicrobial agents.  The advantage of peroxycarboxylic acids are their reduced tendency to decompose and less objectionable smell.  Patent:  8685112.  Inventors:  Smith,  Assignee:  Ecolab USA Inc.

Composition for dyeing and lightening keratin materials comprising a fluorescent deisulphide dye compoundA fluorescent disulphide dye for dyeing keratin materials with a lightening effect.   This composition allows a particularly persistent lightening effect to be obtained.  While intended for human hair, the composition should work with wool.  Patent:  8685114.  Inventors:  Daubresse,  Assignee:  L’Oreal.

Dye method in application of the art of marbling to carpetsA method to apply dye to a fabric/carpet in a marbled pattern.  The object is to allow the dyes to adhere to the yarn fibers of the carpets woven with undyed yarn.  The pattern is generated by applying dyes to water that was allowed to condense on the fabric/carpet.  Patent:  8685115.  Inventor: Nakiboglu.  Assignee:  Royal Hali Iplik Tekstil Mobilya Sanayi Ve Ticaret Snonim Sirketi

Jim Carson is a principal of RB Consulting, Inc. and a registered patent agent.  He has over 30 years of experience across multiple industries including the biotechnology, textile, computer, telecommunications, and energy sectors.  RB Consulting, Inc. specializes in providing management, prototyping, and regulatory services to small and start-up businesses.  He can be reached via email at or by phone at (803) 792-2183.

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