Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Label Advisor: So Smart, Sew Right

            Are your yarns, fabrics, apparel, or home textile articles labeled in compliance with the Federal Trade Commission ("FTC") Wool Rules and Textile Rules?
            Are you sure?
            David Trumbull, Principal, Agathon Associates, has 20-years experience working with the FTC. We can assist you with LABEL ADVISOR, which offers "Smart guidance for U.S. label compliance: SO SMART, SEW RIGHT." Contact David at 202-657-6008 or david@agathonassociates.com.
            Federal Trade Commission requirement for labeling of textile and apparel products are complex and cover such areas as:
Ø      country of origin,
Ø      fiber content,
Ø      care labeling, and
Ø      identification of manufacturer, importer, or other dealer.
            The penalties for mislabeling can be high, in some cases as high as $16,000 per offense (that's per skein of yarn, roll of fabric, garment, or home textile article!).
Do you know the answers to these questions? Are you sure?
Q.        Recently four national retailers agreed to pay FTC penalties totaling $1.26 million for labeling rayon made from bamboo as simply "bamboo." Are your bamboo products labeled in compliance with the FTC regulations?
Q.        What is the FTC one step removed rule for country of origin labeling and how does it apply to your product?
Q.        Why is it not permissible in the U.S. to label the fiber content of a yarn, fabric, apparel or home textile article as "pashmina?"
Q.        Are you aware of, and in compliance with the FTC's new definition of cashmere, which was part of the July 2014 modifications to the Wool Rules? What about the changes made at that time to the designation of very fine wools?
Q.        Did you know that natural fibers such as wool and cotton are not necessarily organic and that the FTC has provided guidance that broad, unqualified general environmental benefit claims like "green" or "eco-friendly" are not acceptable?
For help with labeling requirements Contact David at 202-657-6008 or david@agathonassociates.com.

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