Monday, November 28, 2016

Determination Under the Textile and Apparel Commercial Availability Provision of the United States-Colombia Trade Promotion Agreement

The Committee for the Implementation of Textile Agreements ("CITA") has determined that certain 100% rayon twill challis fabric, as specified below, is not available in commercial quantities in a timely manner in the territory of either the United States or Colombia. The product will be added to the list in Annex 3-B of the U.S.-Colombia TPA in unrestricted quantities.

Specifications: Certain 100% Rayon Twill Challis Fabric

HTSUS: 5516.12.0020; 5516.13.0000; 5516.14.0025; 5516.14.0030

Fabric Type: Twill Challis

Fiber Content: 100% Rayon

Yarn Size: Weft 27-33 denier x Warp 27-33 denier/ 97.2-118.8 warp ends x 61.2-74.8 weft filling yarns per square inch (English) 627-767 warp ends x 394-483 weft filling yarns per square centimeter (metric)

* range represents a 10% tolerance.

Weave Type: Twill

Weight: 152 to 168 grams per square meter--this is the equivalent of 5% tolerance of 160 grams per square meter used in due diligence

Width: 55 in to 56 in (English) 139.7 to 142.24 centimeters (metric)

Coloration Process: Various (including bleaching, piece dyed, yarn dyed, and/or printed)

Finishing Process: Various

Ranges: Ranges in these specifications reflect a tolerance from the target figures of up to five % (equal to range of 152-168 grams per square meter) for fabric weight. Yarn size is a tolerance of ten % (equal to range of 627-767 warp ends x 394-483 weft filling yarns per square centimeter).

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