Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Introducing American Woolen Company's Ayer Collection of Luxury Fabrics.

American Woolen’s Ayer collection is a testament to timeless refinement. Containing the best in fine worsteds and luxurious woolens, the collection includes cashmere, camel hair and extra-fine merino fabrics. The noblest of natural fibers give the fabrics both a soft hand and a lasting durability. American Woolen’s master artisans refine the fabric to achieve the optimum level of luxury.

CAMEL HAIR -- Luxurious Camel Hair, the sustainable specialty fiber from the Mongolian Steppe, has been appreciated for its many exceptional properties, among them warmth, long lasting wear, softness & moisture management. They offer three fabrications: Style 5003 jacketing weight and Styles 1069 & 3069 coating weight with different finishes.

CASHMERE -- The specialty fiber, Cashmere, has been long valued for its warmth and softness. They offer a range of 100% cashmere qualities, both worsted & woolen spun fabrications. These include: Style 5002 jacketing weight including patterns, Styles T5005, T5007/T305007; T5008 jacketing in solids; Styles 1096/T1096 and 1098/T1098 coating weights in top dye and solid piece dyed colors.

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