Thursday, June 13, 2024

U.S. Customs and Border Protection Rulings and Legal Decisions Update


  • CBP conducted over 800 domestic and international outreach events – including trainings, conferences, public meetings, capacity building, and more – with U.S. manufacturers, importers, and members of the international customs community to increase awareness and mitigate risks in trade.
  • In FY 2023, CBP partnered with 16 domestic and international academic and private industry entities, to provide technical guidance on the compliant importation of biological materials and highlight our layered agriculture safeguarding continuum. » CBP processed over $5 trillion in combined imports/exports. » The volume of entries CBP processed declined from 39.1 million in FY 2022 to 36.7 million; however, the value of imports processed was nearly the same, at $3.33 trillion compared to $3.35 trillion in FY 2022.
  • The agency processed more than 36.6 million imported cargo containers at U.S. ports of entry and collected approximately $92.3 billion in duties, taxes, and other fees on behalf of the U.S. government in FY 2023, a 17.46% decrease from FY 2022.
  • CBP issued more than 6,400 rulings and decisions that provide the trade community with guidance regarding the application of customs laws and regulations in order to facilitate trade compliance.
  • CBP completed 435 audits and collected $114.5 million as a result of the audit work.
  • CBP facilitated over 785 million transactions in Section 321 Data Pilot and Entry Type 86 Test. These technology pilots seek to collaborate with industry partners to mitigate risk and expedite clearance of low value e-commerce shipments.
  • Approximately $3 billion in time and cost savings to CBP and the trade community were associated with Entry Type 86 electronic clearances. Since their inception, both pilots have resulted in an approximately 90% reduction in holds in participating online platforms. Publication number: 3737-0624
  • The U.S. processed over 1 billion de minimis shipments, those valued at $800 or less, worth over $50 billion through postal, express, and non-express facilities.

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De Minimis Webinar: Back to Basics

U.S. Customs and Border Protection’s Office of Trade is hosting a webinar on Thursday, June 20, 2024, at 3:00 p.m. ET titled De minimis: Back to Basics. The webinar will provide an overview of the basic filing requirements and data quality for the importation of de minimis shipments.


After the live event, this and other previously recorded webinars will be available for replay at Trade Outreach Webinars

Commercial Customs Operations Advisory Committee

On June 10, 2024, U.S. Customs and Border Protection published in the Federal Register (89 FR 48906) Committee management; notice of open Federal advisory committee meeting.

The Commercial Customs Operations Advisory Committee (COAC) will hold its quarterly meeting on Wednesday, June 26, 2024, in Long Beach, CA. The meeting will be open for the public to attend in person or via webinar. The in-person capacity is limited to 50 persons for public attendees.

The COAC will hear from the current subcommittees on the topics listed below:

1. The Intelligent Enforcement Subcommittee will provide updates on the work completed and topics discussed in its working groups as well as present proposed recommendations for the COAC's consideration. The Antidumping/Countervailing Duty (AD/CVD) Working Group will provide updates regarding its work and discussions on importer compliance with AD/CVD requirements. The Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Process Modernization Working Group anticipates providing proposed recommendations for the committee's consideration regarding the Trade Seminars Mailbox and enhancements to the CBP Petitions Portal specific to IPR enforcement. The Forced Labor Working Group (FLWG) will provide updates regarding its updated Statement of Work that aims to enhance focus on technology best practices, stakeholder training and guidance, increased transparency on the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act (UFLPA) applicability reviews, and enforcement of cotton imports under the UFLPA. Additionally, the FLWG will continue to monitor progress of the implementation of prior recommendations made by the COAC.

2. The Next Generation Facilitation Subcommittee will provide updates on all its existing working groups. The Broker Modernization Working Group (BMWG) plans to present proposed recommendations which aim to improve the end user experience and re-envision the Customs Broker Licensing Exam (CBLE). The Modernized Entry Processes Working Group (MEPWG) will report on the work done in the area of Cyber Incident Guidance for Brokers. The remaining working groups, the Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) 2.0 Working Group, the Passenger Air Operations Working Group, and the Customs Interagency Industry Working Group (CIIWG), were not active this past quarter but will provide a report on topics that each working group will focus on in the coming quarter.

3. The Secure Trade Lanes Subcommittee will provide updates on its seven active working groups: the Centers Working Group, the Cross- Border Recognition Working Group, the De Minimis Working Group, the Export Modernization Working Group, the FTZ/Warehouse Working Group, the Pipeline Working Group, and the Trade Partnership and Engagement Working Group. The Centers Working Group has continued to have robust discussions around the interactions between the Centers of Excellence and Expertise (Centers) and the trade community, including opportunities for improved communications and for providing the trade community with a better understanding of the Centers' internal organization. The Cross-Border Recognition Working Group has continued to discuss best practices at ports of entry on the southern border that facilitate legitimate trade. The De Minimis Working Group has continued discussions on the revised timeframe for submitting Type 86 entries and on potential compliance measurements for de minimis shipments that CBP can communicate to the trade community. The Export Modernization Working Group has continued its work on the Electronic Export Manifest Pilot Program. The Export Modernization Working Group is specifically focused on the effects of progressive filing by the shipper to continuously update export information on successive dates, rather than on a specific date. The Drawback Task Force under the Export Modernization Working Group has continued discussions around recommendations from last quarter, conducting an analysis of program statistics and examining areas to maximize resources. The FTZ/Warehouse Working Group continues to review previous recommendations along with 19 CFR part 146 and anticipates presenting proposed recommendations at the June public meeting. The Pipeline Working Group has continued discussing the most appropriate commodities and potential users of Distributed Ledger Technology to engage once the pilot for tracking pipeline-borne goods deploys. The Trade Partnership and Engagement Working Group has continued its work on the elements of the Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (CTPAT) security program and the validation process.

Physical Training Gear Jacket Contract Awarded

June 10, 2024, Blind Industries and Services of Maryland,*** Baltimore, Maryland, has been awarded a maximum $7,814,400 firm-fixed-price, indefinite-delivery/indefinite-quantity contract for physical training gear jackets. This is a one-year base contract with four one-year option periods. Location of performance is North Carolina, with a June 9, 2025, ordering period end date. Using military services are Air Force and Space Force. Type of appropriation is fiscal 2024 through 2025 defense working capital funds. The contracting activity is the Defense Logistics Agency Troop Support, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (SPE1C1-24-D-B018). ***Mandatory source

Thursday, June 6, 2024

Undershirt Contract Awarded

June 6, 2024, Peckham Vocational Industries Inc.,** Lansing, Michigan, has been awarded a maximum $14,111,500 modification (P00006) exercising the second one-year option period of a one-year base contract (SPE1C1-22-D-N163) with four one-year option periods for silkweight undershirts. This is a firm-fixed-price, indefinite-delivery/indefinite-quantity contract. The ordering period end date is June 9, 2025. Using military services are Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps. Type of appropriation is fiscal 2024 through 2025 defense working capital funds. The contracting activity is the Defense Logistics Agency Troop Support, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

** Mandatory source

Tuesday, June 4, 2024

CBP Reports on Intellectual Property Rights Violation Seizures

On June 4, 2024, U.S. Customs and Border Protection released IPR Annual Seizure Statistics

CBP Continues to Intercept Counterfeit Designer Clothing, Shoes, Purses and Watches at the Rochester, N.Y. Port of Entry

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officers at the Rochester Port of Entry seized various designer items throughout the month of May for bearing counterfeit trademarks.

CBP officers inspected several shipments that contained multiple pieces of “designer” clothing, shoes, handbags, and watches. One high-end watch discovered had a value of approximately $1.2 million dollars. After a thorough examination of the merchandise, all the items were determined to be inauthentic and were seized for bearing counterfeit trademarks. Had these items been genuine, the total Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) value of the shipments would have a be approximately $1.6 million dollars.

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