Tuesday, March 19, 2024

Short Supply Request: Polyester/Cotton/Nylon Double Face Jacquard Knitted Fabric&

SPECIFICATIONS: Certain Double-Knit Jacquard Fabric

HTS: 6006.33

Fabric Type: Polyester/Cotton/Nylon Double Face Jacquard Knitted Fabric

Fiber Content: 55% to 65% Polyester / 30% to 40% Cotton / 3% to 6% Nylon

Yarn Size:

  • Face: 100% Polyester Filament yarn 100 to 200 Denier
  • Tie: 100% Nylon 10 to 40 Denier
  • Back: 100% Cotton 20/1 to 34/1

Fabric Weight:

  • Metric: 200-340 GM2
  • English: 5.8-10.03 ounces per square yard

Weave Type: Double Knit Jacquard

Fabric Width:

  • Metric: 152-195 cm
  • English: 59.8-76.8 inches

Finish: Yarn Dye of Various Color

Remarks: The yarn size designations describe a range of yarn specifications for yarn before knitting, dyeing and finishing of the fabric. They are intended as specifications to be followed by the mills in sourcing yarn used to produce the fabric. Dyeing, finishing, and knitting can alter the characteristic of the yarn as it appears in the finished fabric. This specification therefore includes yarns appearing in the finished fabric as finer or coarser than the designated yarn sizes provided that the variation occurs after processing of the greige yarn and production of the fabric. The specifications for the fabric apply to the fabric itself prior to cutting and sewing of the finished garment. Such processing may alter the measurements.

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